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Published Jul 02, 21
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Do you like taking pictures? It can be fun to look at the world through a camera lens, whether you’re traveling, hanging out with friends, or just snapping pix of interesting things in your neighborhood. Did you know there are ways for you to get paid to take pictures? And not all of them involve starting a photography business.

With some options you can earn money right away. Other options require you to work now and get paid later. Some options will earn you some extra walking around money. Others have the potential to bring in hundreds of dollars per month. Read on for some options and choose one or more that you think might be best for you.

Here is some information about a couple of the more well-known stock photo companies. Shutterstock Shutterstock has paid out more than $500 million to photo contributors in its 15 years in business. When you become a Shutterstock contributor, you’ll get your own personalized photo page. People can shop from your personalized page, or they can search the site with keywords.

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You could set up a small studio in a spare bedroom in your home. Or, you could choose to take photos at your client’s home. Outdoor venues such as parks are another option, and you’ll have the benefit of being able to use natural light. Experiment with different poses and facial expressions.

When I took my oldest daughter’s senior pictures myself, I didn’t have any previous photography experience. I took over 300 pictures in order to get 30 that were of usable quality. But it was worth it. We got some great shots and I didn’t have to pay a photographer to take her pictures.

It’s really true that practice makes perfect in the photography business. Keep working on your skills and you’ll learn how to take professional-grade photos and make money in the process - wildlife photography job. 4. Work as a Real Estate Photographer Another way you could make money taking pictures is by offering your services as to real estate agents.

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I’ve seen plenty of home listings with dismal photos, and I’m sure you have too. Great photos are a part of what helps a home sell. However, I’m not a pro at figuring out lighting and angles for getting the best property photos. As such, I hire a local guy who takes stellar photos of the houses I list.

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In order to start your business, practice taking photos of your own home. Experiment with different angles. Work on lighting techniques (wildlife photography job). Try taking several different photos of a room to see which angle presents the room in its best light. After you’ve perfected your skill, reach out to area real estate agencies.

Be prepared to provide fast service. Realtors need to get their listings on the market ASAP, so quality and efficiency is necessary in this business. 5. Sell Your Photos as Art Another way you could make some true passive income is to sell your photos as downloadable art. You would start by creating an account on a site like Etsy.

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Selling your photos as a downloadable product means less work for you. You won’t have to print, frame or ship the item. Instead, the client brings the file to a local print shop and has it do the printing. The client frames the photo themself or brings it to a store to get framed. wildlife photography job.

Blogs make money when readers click on ads placed within the blog or when they buy from links placed in blog articles. Worried that you don’t have any tech experience? That starting a blog will be difficult? Guess what: We can show you how to start a blog in 10 minutes or less.

And our tutorial on how to make money blogging as a beginner will show you potential income sources for your blog. As a non-techie person myself, I can attest to the ease in setting up a blog for the first time. We’ll walk you through every step and show you how to get started.

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Make Money With No Photography Skills Maybe you’ve got a decent phone camera but don’t want to be a photographer. Or you just lack the eye to take great photos. There are still a couple of ways you can make money taking pictures. 7. Take Pictures of Help Wanted Signs This is a super easy way to make money by taking pictures.